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      About Us
      Zhejiang Addgreen Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
      Zhejiang Addgreen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focuses on the technological development, manufacture and trade of aluminum alloy products. We have 24 extrusion lines, 3 anodizing lines, 3 powder coating lines and 1 electrophoresis coating lines. Moreover, there are also more than 40 sets of processing machines, such as CNC, Milling Machine, Lathe, Drilling Machine and Punching Machine. Therefore, we have become an aluminum product production base for many famous companies both from domestic and overseas markets....
      Aluminum Extrusion
      Aluminum Extrusion
      Longto Technology has almost 10 years experience of designing, manufacturing, and selling aluminum products. Our extrusion factory has 20 sets of various extrusion lines, annual capacity 40,000 tons. It has ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system certificates. All the aluminum extrusions we produced are widely used in Industry, Construction, and Furniture, well sold in domestic and overseas markets.
      Aluminum Machining
      Aluminum Machining
      We have four sets of 4 axes CNC machines and three sets of 6 meters long CNC machines, along with automatic saw, double-head saw, stamping machine, milling machine, and lathe, not only satisfy with the requirements of aluminum deep machining, but also to ensure the accuracy of the products.
      Cold Extrusion
      Cold Extrusion
      Cold Extrusion, as a new-developed technology and new development direction of our company, can not only meet the demand from LED lighting, but also can be widely used to produce heat sink of automobile air conditioner and vehicle lighting, outer shell of audio, monitor camera, flashlight, etc. We are also doing the research with engineers from Geely, Zontye, Lingyun, to use cold extrusion parts to replace traditional welding and die-cast parts on automobile.
      Surface Treatment
      Surface Treatment
      We provide surface treatments, including sand blasting, powder coating, anodizing and electrophoresis processing. It can satisfy with the requirements from different fields. High quality surface treatments enable the products to reach the top rank using level.
      Advanced Equipment
      Zhejiang Addgreen Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Aluminum extrusion,design,machining,surface treatment.One-stop supplier!
      6000T Extrusion Machine
      Vertical Spraying Line
      1800T Extrusion Machine
      2600T Extrusion Machine
      Sandblasting Machine
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